District 2 Board Appointment Form
Hello! Thank you so much for your interest in applying to fill one of the Gwinnett County Board seats for District 2. I’m taking a different approach to appointments by trying to tap the full potential of the county and make sure everyone has the opportunity to serve and represent our community. This form may be long, but I would encourage everyone to apply for as many positions as you’re interested in. Below is a full listing of open boards:

>Community Outreach Advisory Board
>Merit Board (must live in District 2)
>Zoning Board of Appeals

If you fill it out in a browser that saves form results, it should be easy to auto-fill if you plan on applying for multiple positions. I also encourage you to share this form with your friends, family, and neighbors because this is how we can get diverse representation and community involvement without appointing for diversity’s sake. If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to Ben Ku at Ben.Ku@GwinnettCounty.com. Thank you so much!

Introductory Information
Please note that the initial review of each applicant will not include any personally identifying information to minimize any implicit biases before selecting candidates to interview.
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