Fresh Start Outdoors Job Application
We’re glad you’re considering a position with Fresh Start Outdoors! Answering the following questions will help us understand your history and current situation, as we can consider how you might contribute to our team!
1. What is your name? *
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2. What is your address? *
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3a. What is your cell phone number? *
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3b. What is your home phone number?
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4. What is your email address? *
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5. How did you find out about this job opportunity? *
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6. Where are you currently employed, or what was your most recent job? *
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7. What do (did) you do there? *
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8. What do (did) you like about it? *
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9. What would you change about your current (or last) job to make it much better? *
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10. What other jobs have you had? *
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11. Do you have 3+ years of professional landscaping experience? (if yes, please elaborate) *
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12. What leadership experience or training do you have? *
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13a. Who can you refer us to that will vouch for you? (Please include full name, phone number, email address, and relation to you) *
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13b. Who else can you refer us to that will vouch for you? (Please include full name, phone number, email address, and relation to you) *
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14. Where did you go to school? *
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15. What degrees or certifications have you earned? *
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16. Do you have a criminal record? (if yes, please elaborate) *
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17. What is something you’re especially good at or really enjoy doing? *
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18. What is your long term career vision? *
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19. Other than money, what are two ways you’d hope to benefit from this position? *
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20. What rate of pay are you seeking? *
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21. What days are you expecting to work? (Check all that apply) *
22. What hours are you expecting to work? *
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23. When would you be available to start working? *
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24. Will you thrive in a faith-based Christian workplace? *
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25. Will you enjoy working in a smoke-free environment? *
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26. Do you like the idea of working for a small, home-based business? *
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27. Are you willing to engage in physical, sometimes strenuous, outdoor labor? *
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28. Are you coachable -- will you receive constructive criticism well and turn it into positive change? *
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29. Will you be reliable and do you have reliable transportation to get you to St. John, MO every work day on time? (Start time changes with the season but typically around 7am) *
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30. Do you currently possess an active driver’s license? *
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31. Will you be a positive, enthusiastic, and productive contributor to our team? *
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Now we’d like to ask you some questions regarding your experience with landscaping and related work...
Novice = I have no experience (0 jobs)
Rookie = I have minimal experience (1-3 jobs) I would need detailed instruction and guidance
Intermediate = I have some experience (3-10 jobs) I would need some guidance throughout
Proficient = I’ve done this many times (10-20 jobs) I can do this independently and lead a crew
Expert = I have extensive experience and training (20+ jobs) people come to me for advice
32. How would you rank your expertise in the following? *
Paver patios
Flagstone patios
Segmental retaining walls
Natural stone walls
Wood fences
Metal and/or vinyl fences
Deck construction
Poured concrete
Plant installation
Bed Maintenance: weeding
Bed Maintenance: trimming/pruning
Bed Maintenance: mulching
Bed Maintenance: shovel edging
Bed Maintenance: weed fabric
Grading and sod
Drainage systems
Small engine repair
Chemical plant treatments
1 = I’ve rarely or never used this, I may not even know exactly what it is
2 = I’ve used this on a few occasions
3 = I’ve used this enough times that I’m confident and competent with it
4 = I have extensive experience with this and could even train others how to use it
33. How would you rate your experience and skill with the following tools and equipment? *
Weed whacker
Sod cutter
Backpack leaf blower
Reciprocating saw
Miter saw
Angle grinder
Circular saw
Pressure washer
Demolition saw
Stump grinder
Tree chipper
Vibrating plate compactor
Bobcat/front loader
Mini track loader (dingo)
Pulling and backing a trailer
Broadcast spreader
Jack hammer
Pump sprayer
Loppers and pruners
Cell phone camera
Google sheets
1 = I have no idea what that is, or I’m not sure
2 = I can probably identify it by sight, but don’t know much more about it
3 = I can definitely identify it by sight and know it’s basic attributes (where and how it grows)
4 = I know it well enough to determine its proper use in a landscape, and the basic care for it
5 = I can place this plant sensibly in a landscape, care for it, predict, diagnose and solve issues
34. Let’s see what you know about plants! How familiar are you with the following plants? *
Green Giant Arborvitae
Coral Bells
Limelight Hydrangea
Variegated Liriope
Morning Light Grass
Dergoot's Spire Arborvitae
Green Velvet Boxwood
Solomon's Seal
Bloodgood Japanese Maple
Tree form Althea
Newport Blue Boxwood
Fernspray Chamaecyparis
Crepe Myrtle
Annabelle Hydrangea
Prairiefire Crab Tree
Emerald Arborvitae
Red Maple Tree
Blue Hosta
Monet Weigela
35. How is your landscaping vocabulary? Do you know the following words; can you explain them and use them in a proper context? careful how you answer, we may quiz you! *
Fond Du Lac drywall
Polymeric Sand
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