LVW 2016 Hosting form for FVL Families
This form is to be used by LVW members who attend FVL and will be housing students from other schools. Please submit this form by Wednesday, May 18.

There are 35 LVW members who attend FVL. We will need to host approximately 20 students from other schools.

You will be housing students on the following nights: June 7, 8, and 9.

Students can be picked up at FVL at 9:15 PM on the nights you will be hosting them. Rehearsal ends on these nights at 9:00 PM. You may want to provide a light snack for the students on the nights they stay at your home.

Please provide a breakfast for them in the morning before they leave for rehearsal. The students should arrive at FVL between 8:00 and 8:15 on the mornings following their overnight stay. Rehearsals begin at 8:30 AM.

Thank you for hosting our LVW members!
FVL Student Host Last Name
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FVL Student Host First Name
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Parent who will be responsible for hosting the students from other schools
This is the parent that we will contact if necessary
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Parent Phone Number
This can be a mobile or home phone. Please list the one by which you can be reached easily.
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Will you be hosting boys or girls?
How many students can you host?
If hosting both boys and girls, please list how many of each you can host
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Will the students you host need to bring sleeping bags and pillows?
Some students may have allergies. Do you have any Pets?
If you do have pets, please list what kind
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If you have made previous arrangements to host specific students, please list their names here
Please list their name AND the school they attend
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Any other information we should know?
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