SILSSA ALA Midwinter Scholarship Survey
SILSSA is proposing a change in the type of scholarships we offer to students.

In the past, SILSSA has been thrilled to be able to offer scholarships of several hundred dollars for ALA Annual, but since this year’s Midwinter conference will be held in Boston, we thought that it would make sense to offer more scholarships, in a smaller amount, to Midwinter, to help create a greater Pratt SILS presence at the conference.

We would like to hear from you, the Pratt SILS student body, regarding this proposal.

More information about the ALA Midwinter and ALA Annual Conferences is available on their website and via any of the many Pratt SILS students (including SILSSA Treasurer Maureen McElroy, and President Sarah Hackney), who have attended these events in the past - feel free to ask us!
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Are you more likely to attend ALA Midwinter (Boston) or ALA Annual (Orlando) in 2016?
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Would you be interested in attending the ALA Midwinter conference in Boston this January if SILSSA offered scholarships to cover the cost of registration?
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Would you be interested in attending the ALA Annual Conference in Orlando this June if SILSSA offered scholarships to help cover costs of attending?
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Which conference do you think SILSSA should offer the bulk of its scholarships for?
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Would it increase your chances of attending ALA Midwinter if SILSSA helped to coordinate travel and housing for SILS students who are attending?
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