Are you a UCSD student who is interested in working with high school students that want to learn more about college?? Want to be a part of KP CORE's mission to inspire and empower high school students to pursue success after high school??

FUNcilitators are basically group facilitators but instead also aim to let students have an engaging and FUN time! hehe FUNcilitators play an integral part in the success of our HIGH SCHOOL CONFERENCES! Your job is to offer support and general guidance for the high students throughout the day. When you apply and we look over your application, you will be paired with your own Co-Funcilitator who will share a group of about 10-15 students with you. Duties throughout the day of the event include (not limited to):

- Welcoming students/ leading icebreakers
- Creating a group chant
- Guiding your group towards the correct rooms based on the agenda
- Leading meaningful discussions about workshops
- Keep students engaged throughout workshops/speeches
- Provide helpful/appropriate answers to their questions about college
- Stay present and keep students safe
- Help with clean up

FUNcilitators will also be required to complete Praesidium Online Training which is required when working with minors. You must also attend a short 1 hour training (dates TBD during WINTER 2020)
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