Request for Public Commentary: SDCAP Land Purchase
SDCAP is considering buying land to host YOUtopia and other events aligned with our mission. This is obviously a big decision, and as part of our process we really, really, REALLY want community feedback. Please tell us what you think about this idea!

For additional context and background info, read our blog post with all the deets:
Do you think SDCAP should buy land for YOUtopia and other events aligned with our mission? *
What is the farthest from Central San Diego you be willing to travel to attend YOUtopia? *
Would you be interested in volunteering in the weeks/months leading up to YOUtopia to help get a brand new site ready? *
In 2018, General Admission Tickets were $165. We DO NOT plan on raising ticket prices, but if we needed to do so to cover start-up expenses, how much more would you be willing to pay for General Admission? *
We promise this is a hypothetical question. We have no plans to raise ticket prices this year. But this is still important data for us to have as we assess this from all the angles. Humor us. Pretty please.
Are you prepared to be *radically self-reliant* in a space that does not offer water, power, trees, etc., just like Black Rock City? *
Optional: tell us your specific thoughts about purchasing land!!!
Optional: tell us your name and best contact info.
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