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EuroPeers UK is the network for young people who have studied, volunteered or participated in youth projects in other European countries. By sharing our personal experiences, we promote the Erasmus Plus programme, the European Solidarity Corps Programme and encourage other young people to take advantage of the life-changing opportunities they provide. EuroPeers UK is an initiative of Momentum World CIC.

Membership of EuroPeers UK is open to anyone aged 18-30 (16+ with parental consent) with experience or interest in European study, volunteering or youth projects. You can register here as a member, or as an adult mentor, trainer or adviser. You have to be based in the UK.

INDUCTION COURSES are fully residential for 3 nights. Accommodation is in shared (single gender) rooms. There is a registration fee of £30 but you will get all the money back as soon as you organise your first local activity. All travel has to be booked at the cheapest rates with public transport. An additional allowance may be payable for essential air travel.

EuroPeers UK will give you responsibilities and opportunities. Please join us if you are prepared to be an active member. All the answers you give will be treated in confidence and in accordance with the privacy and data protection policies of Momentum World. If you have any problems completing this form, please contact us at

We would like to encourage you to learn more about our work via our website, and if you would like to receive updates on opportunities sign up for our newsletter.
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