Summer League Registration
Summer training and game take place at Hillhead Sports Club, 32 Hughenden Rd, G129XP.

Wednesday nights (6.30pm-8.30pm): Summer league games
Sunday afternoons (2pm-5pm): Training or pickup

Sign up as an individual and we will put you on a team for the duration of a league. We play mixed gender Ultimate and everyone is welcome regardless of experience or ability.

League 1: June 12th - Aug 4th
League 2: Aug 7th - September 29th

Full league dates are available here:

Pickup sessions are casual games in order to avoid clashes with major tournaments.

All players need to at least have a basic UKU membership to participate (£5 see below)
You also need to pay Glasgow Ultimate club membership (£20 per league) or pay as you go (£5 per Sunday or Wednesday).

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