Purimshpil 5779/2019 Volunteer Opportunities (March 30)
**Volunteers get free entry into the Shpil.** Please indicate which shift you are interested and available for. Please select as many shifts as you are able to. If we cannot place you in your first preference, we appreciate your largess in volunteering on your other preferences. Our volunteer coordinator will be in touch to coordinate. You will also get to see the show for free!

Many generous hands will realize a beautiful evening of entertaining confusion, founded on a desire for Jewish knowledge and building culture.

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The volunteer opportunities are:
BAR: Fulfill your fantasy of closing up shop at a bar and help make sure that our guests are having a great time but are not too inebriated to function or to act sensibly.

1:00 -- 3:00 a.m. Bar

ACCESSIBILITY: Are you dedicated to ensuring that folks who have disabilities can experience the shpil in an enjoyable and inclusive manner? You'll be ensuring appropriate seating is available, that other audience members are cooperative with our efforts at accessibility, and that stimuli are properly checked.

10:00 p.m. -- 12:00 a.m. Access
12:00 -- 2:00 a.m. Access

CLEANUP: The night is wrapping up and we want to prepare the space for the Family Carnival the next day!

2:00 -- 4:00 a.m. Cleanup

*All volunteer opportunities are part of a team with the Volunteer Coordinator regularly checking in

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