Community Assessment
Assessing Our Community for Positive/Healthy Aging
Racine County ADRC is looking for your thoughts and ideas that will help us improve programs and services for the residents of Racine County as they age. Your answers will help us develop goals for the years of 2022-2024 Racine County Aging Plan.
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What brought you to this survey? IE: Facebook, ADRC Website, group email (please name) *
What are the top three concerns you have at this time?
What are some services or ideas you feel would make our community more enjoyable to live in as you grow older?
Are there services or events you have heard of in other communities that you think would be helpful to older people in our county? If so, what are these?
If a meal-voucher program were funded by Older Americans Act funding was available in a local restaurant, would you participate?
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If you are a caregiver for a spouse, family member or friend, what resources do you think are most important to help people remain living in the community as long as possible?
What are the main issues, problems, and challenges adults' midlife and beyond in our community are facing?
As we continue to meet the community's needs, following the pandemic, how comfortable are you meeting with the ADRC, either in our office or in home? *
Extemely comfortable
Extremely uncomfortable
In ADRC Office
In Home
What keeps you from contacting the ADRC?
Do you have any other comments about creating new services or programs for older adults in Racine?
Aging & Disability Resources Center of Racine County
14200 Washington Avenue
Sturtevant, WI 53177
TTY: Wisconsin Relay 711

The Racine County ADRC is a single, easy access source for information and assistance on issues affecting older people and people with disabilities. We can provide individuals with unbiased information and options available to help people make informed choices

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