Boston College Fossil Fuels Divestment Petition
Dear Father Leahy and Trustees,

Climate change is a global issue and one that demands our immediate attention. There is consensus among the scientific community that climate change is happening and that it is caused by anthropogenic (human) emissions from the burning of fossil fuels. The effects of climate change will be varied and numerous, including sea level rise, ocean acidification, desertification, persistent droughts, and more intense storm events. Each year these effects are becoming more and more apparent in our everyday lives. Unfortunately, the burden of climate change will largely fall on the world’s poorest, those least able to adapt, making climate change not only a scientific and environmental threat, but also an issue of equity and human rights.

Further, the Catholic Church has explicitly and repeatedly recognized climate change as a moral issue and called on people of faith and goodwill to address this challenge. In view of the mission-based imperative that Boston College has as a Catholic, Jesuit institution, the undersigned students, alumni, faculty, and staff ask that the University immediately freeze any new investment in fossil fuel companies, and divest within five years from direct ownership and from any commingled funds that include fossil fuel public equities and corporate bonds. Members of BC Fossil Free have met with Father Leahy, and we continue with efforts to work with the administration to address the climate crisis with the urgency the issue demands.

For the good of students, our community, our nation, and to preserve the quality of life for this and future generations worldwide, we hope Boston College will join a growing movement of universities around the country that are committed to preventing a more extreme climate by moving our endowment beyond fossil fuels.

Students, Alumni, Faculty, and Staff of Boston College

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