The 1 Million Orgasm Movement
Join Carlen Costa & The Everyday Goddess™ to empower 1 million orgasms worldwide! Goddess, you deserve to feel good. Not only do you deserve it, it's your birthright. It's time to go ovaries deep, with your relationship with your body and to encourage other women worldwide to do the same. If your pussy isn't living her best life, then it's time you let her. It's time to love yourself and your pussy for everything that she was, is and can be. It's time you became the sexually activated, juicy, and powerful Goddess that you have the potential to become. When a woman owns her orgasm, she activates her most primal energy and becomes sexy, sassy and switched onto an untapped power within her. It's through her activation in self-pleasure that she is able to unlock her power.
It's the orgasmic optimization potential, of owning your orgasm.

It's your pussy living her best life.

The Everyday Goddess™ is working to empower 1 MILLION ORGASMS globally and she needs YOUR help! Every woman deserves to have access to safe, sex-positive and accurate information about pleasure and sexual health. This is not only an awareness campaign for women's access to sexual health and emotional intelligence information, it's a movement to activate the voices of all women. It's a movement to release shame, trauma, and fear that centuries of women have carried. It's a movement to agitate the status quo of missionary limitations and three pump distractions. It's a movement declaring that we are all deserving of quality, conscious, and compassionate relationships. It's a movement to release the stigma of relationships that are anything but "vanilla". It's a movement that screams that all women deserve safe access to sexual health information, medical support, clinics, medicines and choices. It's a movement to declare that we all deserve a higher love; but first, we must activate it! You are powerful and you are loved and it all starts within you.

Every time you have an orgasm, fill out the quick form and, watch our Goddess intentions connect and ignite!!! There is a LIVE chart located on The Everyday Goddess™ website, Every orgasmic act of pleasure, completed solo, through the act of self-pleasure (masturbation) (including mutual masturbation) counts! Masturbation is the ultimate action of self-care, and you are worthy to receive the same love you give so freely to others. This is our united, personal pussy power activation.

Carlen Costa, The Everyday Goddess™
Clinical Sexologist & Psychotherapist
It is in our relationship with pleasure, that we are met with the potential of our power.
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