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Radio Coalition welcomes the participation of individuals, companies and organizations involved in the creation, distribution and monetization of independent streaming media content for its audience.
The organization currently has two classes of membership, WEBCAST Members that are currently streaming content as an internet radio service and ASSOCIATE Members with interests and/or involvement with the webcasting industry from technology, services or content.

ALL Members will:

(a) be interested in promoting the development of technologies and new media for the marketing, distribution and promotion of diverse independent audio and audiovisual content;

(b) cooperate with other Members in achieving organizational goals and objectives;

(c) cooperate and seek understanding with members of complementary industries including content owners, technology, music, recording and broadcast industries;

(d) promote the modernization of the legal and regulatory environment for technologies and new media;

(e) comply with all Membership obligations on a timely basis; and pay such dues as may be established by the Board of Directors.
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