KindTree Kids and Communication Interventions are offering a variety of social thinking and mindfulness programs for the 2019 Winter/Spring Season! Anita and Danielle are excited to bring another year of KindTree Kids to children to help encourage social thinking, mindfulness tools, self-regulation, and emotional awareness. KindTree Kids is a unique program that bridges mindfulness with social thinking to create an opportunity for our young children to learn to tune inward and become self-aware. As they learn to connect to these pieces, they begin to learn their own tools for self-regulation. These self-regulation skills are learned through experience, art, music, movement, role-playing, and in-the-moment modeling and gentle guidance in our open-ended play opportunities. Every child is unique and all needs are acknowledged and honored at KindTree Kids! There are no duplicate programs, and we get crazy schedules, so you can choose to come to one or all and there will *always* be something for your child to bring home and share.

KindTree Kids values the component of the *whole-child* and the *whole-family*. Each experience will include a detailed email home that allows you to use the vocabulary, review the day, and carry-over the concepts that we have introduced the children to. The more of the programs that your child can attend, the more this material will become familiar. Our goal is to honor every child, honor every family, respect every need, and encourage a child to flourish and blossom by using a variety of emotional regulation tools for any situation!

Topics for this series include being flexible (understanding how to let the little things go) getting aware (how do you use your senses to check in to the moment?), getting calm/focused (what kinds of things can I do when I am feeling big feelings or in a big experience?), being confident (how can I trust to be my best self?) , being kind to all beings (what is loving kindness and how can I apply it to all living beings). Cost $65/session or $250 for the full package!

Danielle James will be hosting two parent workshops.

MLK Jr. Day Camp
January 21, 2019
Cost: $48 first child. $35 sibling. $30 additional siblings.

If your child is enrolled in our KTK Wednesday program, you will receive a discount for each additional activity that you attend (PROMO CODE: WEDNESDAY).
Location: 2025 Cogar Drive *unless otherwise indicated*
Dates, times, and prices are listed below.

PAYMENT INFO: To register for one or multiple sessions, there is a $50 non-refundable deposit. If the cost of the program is more than the cost of what you register for, you will be reimbursed for this after the program is completed. This is REQUIRED so your slot can be held. TO RESERVE YOUR CHILD'S SPACE, Please use or you can go to Balance emails will be sent to you. IF you have any financial concerns or needs, please let me know as we have "financial aid" opportunities for a select number of children each year. Thank you!

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