ReSEED: Revisit, Recharge, Renew
We're excited to announce ReSEED 5, another opportunity for previously trained SEED leaders. ReSEED: Revisit, Renew, Recharge will be a three-day gathering for SEED leaders to reunite and recharge at a time when our work in educational equity is as urgently needed as ever.

Date: July 1 to 3, 2017
Place: Northern California, at our long-time New Leaders Week site
Who: SEED Leaders who have completed a year of seminar facilitation

The cost for ReSEED will be $950/person, which will include food and accommodations (three days and two nights) but not travel costs.

ROLLING ADMISSIONS WILL START MARCH 1, 2017 AND WE RECOMMEND THAT YOU APPLY SOONER RATHER THAN LATER. We do not anticipate being able to accept all applicants. SEED co-directors will select participants based on a review of applications.

A $350 non-refundable deposit must be made by May 15 with full payment due by June 30. Information on how to pay will be sent upon acceptance.

We currently have limited partial scholarship funds available. Please indicate below if you are interested in learning more about these.

If the July session time does not work for you but you are interested in a future session, please let us know ( and we will keep you posted.

We appreciate you taking the time to fill in the information below, even though we have you all on record at SEED. We don't always know when you change homes, jobs, or names, so collecting fresh information helps us ensure we're able to stay in touch.
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Please provide the year (e.g., 2014) or cohort (e.g., SEED 20), as well as location (e.g. California, Minnesota, or New Jersey) that you attended your SEED Leaders training. If you attended multiple SEED New Leaders' Weeks, please list them here.
What institution or organization do you currently work for?
How many SEED seminars have you facilitated?
Please include any current SEED seminars you are facilitating. A SEED seminar is traditionally eight three-hour sessions held across a school year but is sometimes modified to accommodate specific contextual needs (e.g. meeting in one semester instead of across the entire year).
Why are you interested in applying to ReSEED?
What do you hope to gain and take away? What do you hope to bring and share?
What was the most important facilitation skill you developed through your initial SEED training?
e.g., using the timer, serial testimony, personal stories, ground rules, balancing shelves and selves
What was the most important topic or issue you learned about at your initial SEED training?
e.g., internalized oppression, heterosexism, windows and mirrors, phase theory
What is a facilitation skill that you would like to process and develop at ReSEED?
e.g., interrupting, effect beyond SEED, affinity groups, cultivating institutional allies
What is a difficult topic or issue for you to facilitate that you would like to process personally/professionally in order to strengthen your SEED work?
e.g., White supremacy and/or White privilege, male privilege and/or reinforcing gender binaries, ally as a verb and/vs. noun
How do you envision your future equity work? How do you hope ReSEED will impact your effectiveness as an equity agent?
Please paint a picture of how you and others will know, experience, or even be able to measure the effectiveness of your equity work.
Please provide the name and email address of a colleague who can speak to your SEED work.
Are there any additional points of information that you would like us to know about you as an applicant or topics that you would like us to cover at ReSEED?
How will you be paying for ReSEED?
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