Joining a DDC Dementia Social Group - The Carer-Assessment
The Denby Dale Centre operates a series of Dementia Social Groups, which have been proven to slow down the progress of dementia through a carefully selected programme of varied topics. The aim is to help people live longer where they call home. Generally, we try to reduce the amount of frustration being experienced.

This is an assessment tool for the use of carers or clinicians who are referring someone living with dementia. It is not necessary to have had a dementia diagnosis confirmed to join a group, however consider the three questions of this document. We hope that this tool will help you understand the limits of these social groups, and if the person you represent is beyond the service of the group, it will help save you time with the referral.

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Self Assessment Questions
We hope you can find the strength to be honest when answering these questions - we appreciate that for some of you, they may be difficult to accept as a real position of your (in some cases, new) lifestyle.
Does the potential member need supervision during our session times of 10-3, when... *
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Does the potential member have problems controlling their aggression, temper or anger? *
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Does the potential member have tendency to wander or walk, reliving a previous part of their life? *
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