Fall 2017 MISA - Director Application
Nothing submitted in this form will be shared with anyone other than the current President of MISA and/or Faculty Adviser. Please note there will be several mandatory training workshops during the winter break and semester to benefit you in developing your leadership skills as well as giving you an advantage in recruiting.

Additionally, there will be written some (not a lot) material we will require you to read before attending our first mandatory meeting. You will be responsible for carrying this material with you digitally and/or on hard-copy (provided by MISA).

We do use a variety of technology, which we will help you get setup with in order to have virtual meetings, scheduling, and other tech driven resources.

We will e-mail you with interview times.

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Are you interested in forming Study Groups?
This will be a resource we will attempt to have for All MISA Members
Would you like assistance with firm recruiting?
Deadlines, Key recruiting information, professional events
What Directorship position would you like to apply for?
You will be required to interview with the new MISA board in the summer of 2017 Description of Positions is below this document
Will you be available during the Summer break to receive Directorship training?
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