EDU Film Festival 2019
Eligibility: All entrants must either be Minnesota high school students, or Minnesota residents under the age of 19.

Length: All submissions must be less than 5 minutes in length

Medium: All videos should be compressed according to the guidelines and submitted via uploader - as detailed in the submission instructions linked above.

Content: The .EDU Film Festival will not condone nor accept entries with content that:

--Glamorizes and/or graphically depicts acts of violence
--Glamorizes any act of selling, consuming, or distributing drugs or alcohol
--Glamorizes any act of theft
--Glamorizes or emphasizes any sexual act whether implied or directly stated
--Makes any direct or indirect threat to an individual, group, or entity
--Harasses and/or bullies an individual, group, or entity
--Is performed while under the influence of drugs, alcohol, or any other intoxicating substance
--Contains profane or obscene language (use network television broadcast standards)

After you have submitted this form, you must go to the button above and upload your entry to the festival. Be sure that the file name on your video matches the Title of Submission you provide below.

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Twin Cities Black Film Fest Award for Emerging Filmmaker of Color *
In order to nurture multicultural filmmakers and filmmaking, and support young artists of color, EDU and TCBFF will present the TCBFF Emerging Filmmaker of Color award to one young person of color who displays excellence in filmmaking through technique, story, and subject matter. This opportunity is available to any filmmaker and/or filmmaking team who identifies themselves as African American, Asian American, Latino(a)/Hispanic, Native American, or multiracial in the demographic information section below. Do you and/or your creative leadership team qualify?
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Name of filmmaking organization
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Please list the names, roles, and ages of additional entrants
(ex. Brown, Billy: Co-director) Note: due to space constraints, multiple entrants may not be listed in programs and other literature
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Demographic Information
The following demographic information helps us assure sponsors and other supporting organizations that we are serving a broad range of young people. Your participation in this portion of the submission form is appreciated but not required.
What race/ethnicity do you identify as?
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Do you speak any languages other than English in your home?
Where in Minnesota do you live?
Do you qualify for Free or Reduced Lunch
You MUST AGREE to the following statements in order to submit your entry:
Screening: *
I give permission to the EDU Film Festival to screen my submission as a part of the EDU Film Festival. I am confirming that I have permission from all participants and that I have not used any copyrighted materials without the permission of the copyright holder. I am aware that The EDU Film Festival is not responsible for confirming copyright permissions and any illegal use of copyrighted materials is the responsibility of the entrant. (For more information about obtaining rights to copyrighted material visit
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I give permission for the EDU Film Festival to use my name, this submission, and/or my likeness to promote and advertise the EDU Film Festival.
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I have read the EDU entry guidelines at the top of this form and I understand and agree to them.
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Please provide your PERSONAL TELEPHONE NUMBER. This telephone number, in addition to serving as a point of contact, will represent your digital signature and will confirm that you have read and understood the statements checked above. If you do not provide a valid telephone number as your signature, your entry will not be accepted.
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