SENSORiUM Vendor Agreement
Official Sensorium Festival Vendor Agreement - Event date: Aug 24, 2019
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Vending Rates
All full vendor spots are a 10x10’ area, and half spots are 5x10’ shared with another vendor. Full spots include (2) tickets, half spots include (1) ticket. All vendors must provide their own tables, chairs, tents, lights, and properly grounded exterior extension cords. Parking will be on the street and is first come, first serve. You may not drive your vehicle on the festival grounds, so please be prepared to transport your belongings up to 100 yards.

Payment is due by August 1, 2019. Cash, check, or PayPal as friends and family to (with note "Company Name - Sensorium Vending") is accepted. Make checks out to “Sensorium LLC” and mail to 2160 E York St. Philadelphia, PA 19125 and be sure to put company name and festival vending in memo notes.
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Vending Coordinators: Justin Filiaggi,

• The vending coordinator will be directing vendors to their spots from 9:30am-12pm and directing vendors out at 10:30pm-2am. It is recommended to bring a hand truck to load and unload in case there is limited vehicle access.
• Promotion of the event is required. Vendors agree to promote the Facebook event page by inviting friends and sharing. Email prompts will be sent out with promotion instructions and must be followed.
• There will be NO sales of alcohol, drugs, cigarettes, or any illegal items.
• You will be ejected from the event if found to be violating any of the Rules or Guidelines listed by the event organizers.

By signing below, I understand that this application does not guarantee a spot at this event until it is confirmed by event organizers. Furthermore, I agree to follow all event rules and guidelines
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