O'Boyle Council 11302 Notre Dame Restoration Socks Fundraiser ($1 for Each New Sock Pair Given to the Homeless)
On 15 April 2019, Notre Dame Cathedral in France was severely damaged by fire. The cathedral has a long relationship with the Knights of Columbus. In the "Knights of Columbus in War and Peace" the following is written "the Knights initiated their remarkable program of public religious celebrations with the observance of All Soul's Day in memory of the American dead in the Cathedral of Notre Dame Paris on November 1, 1917 when the prospect of victory was most remote."

All pledgers will be encouraged to give to the Knights of Columbus' central fund for Notre Dame at https://www.classy.org/give/232350/#!/donation/checkout. We will be conducting a sock drive for DC homeless, hopefully at our four parishes of St. Peter's on Capitol Hill, St. Joseph's on Capitol Hill, St. Dominic, and St. Vincent de Paul. Officers are promising to donate $1 for the Cathedral's reconstruction for each pair of new socks donated. We are asking you to match this by pledging a dollar amount to challenge parishioners to donate socks. Will you join us to help the homeless and Catholics in France?
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