BrandNiquely™ You! New Client Intake Form
New Potential BrandNique™Elite!!

I would like to know more about you, so please share…And What Are Your Intentions?

Do You Believe In Investing? Investing into something or someone, perhaps YOURSELF? Investing means to commit in order to earn a return, to make use of the future benefits or advantages, to engage in some form (Webster Dictionary). Therefore, when it comes to investing in YOURSELF…How are YOU doing in that area and what has been your return on investment?

When YOU invest into YOU, your time, energy, money, resources, emotions, or whatever it is… YOU hope to receive a return, whether positive or negative. It all depends on what YOU put in, your intentions and your expectations of what YOU want out of it. Whatever YOU put into YOU, be it a sacrifice or even something small, expect something in return. Have EXPECTATIONS! (Good ones of course)

Taking the time to fill this form out is the beginning of YOU Investing In YOU! Don’t think that it is taken lightly or even in general context, because YOU know how you have been showing up in life better than anyone else. YOU know it is time to Invest in YOU, so Congratulations on taking the first step in Being BrandNiquely™ and GODthentically™ YOU!!
Are YOU Ready? If you are NOT ready, then I suggest (In LOVE) that you don’t waste your time nor mine, because I intend to show up as my highest and greatest self to serve you. I do this for all of my clients and I don’t want to take time from another who is READY To Invest In Themselves, their Brand and Business! Love You Still! Now Let’s Go Make This Happen If You Are Ready!!!

“Investing In You, Your Brand & Business Will Yield Back What You Put Into It!”

~ Elyshia Brooks, MBA
Author, “Branding The Authentic You”

Note: This will take about 20-30 minutes depending on your authentic answers and the input you share. Blessings and Favor!

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