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Coaxial Arts Foundation is looking for more artists to join our team by becoming a keyholder. We are an artist run organization that runs solely on volunteers. What that entitles is opening the space and running events such as video screenings, experimental music performances, multimedia events. etc. We schedule monthly meeting to talk about future programming and ways to improve the space. This is a labor of love. The perks of being part of Coaxial is using the space when its open in the calendar and being part of a collective that support one another. Ways that artists use the space is shooting videos, practicing music, photoshoots etc. We have busy months and slow months depending on our personal schedule to commit to events. Because we are volunteering our time to run Coaxial we unfortunately turn down more request than we would like to. You would fill in the gaps and help us keep the space open more days during the year. Our commitment to being accessible to the community of artists in Los Angeles is important. If you are interested and want to know more about it please email us at
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