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Win4Science is an initiative that aims to increase awareness regarding challenges that women in science face, as well as to hack the gender gap by providing tools to young investigators to overcome barriers and obstacles. With the mentoring program, we hope to create a community, provide female role models, as well as networking opportunities between female scientists from Biological and Biomedical Departments across McGill University.

Mentoring groups consisting of one mentor and 2-5 mentees are expected to meet about 3 times per academic year. Composition of mentoring groups will change every year so that mentees will be exposed to several mentors and peers throughout their training years.We are looking for mentors (Assistant/Associate/Full professors or postdocs) and mentees (graduate students, postdocs, early investigators, etc) who will ACTIVELY participate in the mentorship program.

If you are interested, please sign up.
Mentors and mentees will receive more detailed instructions through the coordinator of the program, Anne-Sophie Pépin (

For more information on Win4Science:

WIN4Science is an initiative led by the Department of Pharmacology & Therapeutics.
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