Download Complete (Digital Escape Room)
Today is Tuesday, September 15th, 2020. You got up half an hour before an English test, which opens online at 7:45 am, to give yourself time to wake up and be in the online classroom five minutes early. Mrs. Poe never likes it when you are late to her digital tests.

You stretch and walk over to your laptop. As you approach your laptop, you notice that your charger cord has been pulled out by your cat and the battery light is beginning to flash red, showing that your battery is dying.
“Darn cat…” you mutter to yourself. You pick up the charger cord and turn it over in your left hand. “Yep, I knew it.” You notice three punctures in the plastic coating of the cord and can see some exposed wires near the end of the cord. “This cord better still work, Raven.” You sigh and plug in the cord.

As soon as the cord is plugged in, you start to feel strange; your fingers are tingling, your hand is going stiff, your skin feels like it’s on fire. "Am I being electrocuted?", you think to yourself.

Before you have time to find the answer, you feel your body lurch forward.
“What’s happening!?” You feel your fingertips, still holding on to the charger, being pulled towards the port where you just plugged in your laptop. You look down. Right as it seems your hand will hit the computer, your fingers disappear in a pixelated burst and zoom into the port. The electric pull moves up to your elbow, your shoulder, then your neck as you are pulled into your computer one pixel at a time. Before you lose sight of your room, you hear the muffled words of the AI voice from your computer say,

“Download Complete…”

[NOTE: Take a picture or screenshot of this slide. Some clues and hints hide deep inside. Avoid retracing steps you take by referring back to the copy you make.]
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