New Testament Test
New Testament Test for Confirmation Class April 2019. This test is open book, use any resource you would like (the handouts from class will be helpful) so I expect answers will be written in your own words and not just copied from another source. When you have completed all the questions remember to click submit at the end of the test. If you have any questions or concerns feel free to contact me: This test will be due April 28.
List the names of the Gospels that record the life of Jesus on earth. *
Jesus often taught using parables - simple stories that illustrate truths about God. Choose one of these parables and in your own words describe what it is saying about our faith life. (Luke 15:4-7, Matthew 7:24-27, Mark 4:3-8, 13-20, Luke 10:30-37) *
In your own words, describe one of Jesus' miracles and what it showed about Him and how the people reacted (please tell where the miracle is found in the Gospels) *
What did Jesus do that clearly shows Him to be true God? *
What did Jesus do that clearly shows Him to be true man (human)? *
Read Luke 22:7-23. What were Jesus and the Disciples celebrating? How did Jesus change this celebration and why is it important? *
Read Matthew 27:32-66. Many people witnessed Jesus crucifixion, what are some of the different reactions to His death? Read Matthew 28:1-10, what is the reaction of the women to Jesus' resurrection? *
What is Pentecost and why is it important? (Acts 2) *
Paul was an Apostle who spread the message about Jesus to many people. Describe how he became and Apostle. (Acts 9) *
What were the missionary journey's Paul and other Disciples went on and what did they accomplish? *
What is an Epistle? *
What is something new you learned this year about the New Testament? How does this strengthen your faith in Jesus Christ? *
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