What kind of book for singles do you want me to write?
Please help me to write a unique, exciting and inspiring book for singles. Thank you so much for answering my questions. It will not take more than 5-10 minutes. My dream is to see 30 to 40-year-old Christian singles thrive: learn more about it on my blog https://singleinfluencer.com
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1. Why do we need another book for singles? *
2. What topics do you look for in a book for singles? *
3. Is there anything you have not found in a book or in any content on the internet (video, blog, etc.)? If yes, please specify. *
4. What are your thoughts on the existing books for singles? *
5. I assume that you are busy. What content, features, style would make you want to read the entire book? *
6. As a single, what are you enjoying the most? Pick at least 3 things. *
7. Please describe the doubts you’re experiencing in your single season. *
8. What are your frustrations as a single? *
9. What helps you to keep your joy when the going gets tough? *
10. What messages do you wish to hear in church? *
11. How would you like other Christians to encourage you to embrace your singleness? *
12. Is there anything you feel is missing? It can be a topic you want me to include in the book, a question you have, an activity you would share or any testimony I should share. Or any suggestions or comments you would like to share. *
13. Would you be willing to share your story? *
14. To say THANK YOU FOR YOUR TIME, I would be happy to give you information on the book. Would you like to share your email (optional)?
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