Mural Listening Session II : Contribute to the Idea Board and Thematic Imagery
My name is Alexis Iammarino and I am the community artist working with MSA to develop and create an exterior mural for the arts center. This new mural is part of a larger accessibility project which aims to visually communicate all the exciting ways that the center invites the neighborhood and community to participate in the visual, performing, and literary arts!

This new mural will be welcoming, colorful, and show cues of art, music, theater, inspired imagery, and other vibrant symbols that can speak to all languages.

To learn more about MSA's Accessibility Projects and Programs please visit:

YOU'RE INVITED TO SHARE YOUR IDEAS and INSPIRATION with us using this form! Your input and responses to the questions throughout this form will contribute to the visual themes I will further develop for our final artwork. You can do this individually or collaboratively with family members!! Below is WHERE OUR MURAL will be painted. (Exterior elevations on Mayo Street). Let's get started ....
WHY DO YOU COME TO MSA ? WHAT DO YOU DO WHEN YOU COME ? Last summer, I met with youth and mentors for our first Listening Session and together they generated an extensive and inspired list of activities and meaningful reasons why they attend or feel a sense of belonging to MSA. Please check ALL that apply to you and list additional reasons for coming to the center under OTHER: *
For each of the ACTIVITIES/MEANINGFUL REASONS checked off or added above, please list or describe an image or symbol that comes to mind for each. Example. READING - books, open book, book in hand, books on shelves. *
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If you would like to make a few sketches of your own to illustrate symbols for any or all of these ACTIVITIES/MEANINGFUL REASONS please write YES below and email me for more information at: ! If not, write NO, THANKS. *
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