Gratitude Summit: Women Honoring Women ~ Hosted by Pina De Rosa & Gratitude International on 04/03/2016
~ Welcome to the RSVP link to the 4th Annual Gratitude Summit: Women Honoring Women
~ Hosted by Pina De Rosa & Gratitude International on Sunday 04/03/2016 (rescheduled from 03/06/2016 due to weather)

Current Sponsors (with gifts from each):

Whole Foods
Pasadena Breast Wellness center: Digital Breast Exams, the only FDA approved / radiation-free alternative to mammograms
The Undress
Cako Glam

There 501(c)3 non-profit that will benefit from this event this year will be that is supporting the SniffingOutCancer Documentary, as well as the Whole Foods Foundation.

Limited (almost) to the same amazing women, this event is by invitation only (once all the returning guests have RSVP'ed by February 9th, I will open it to the first-time guests who are on the wait list).

If you are one of the 12 recipients of the original Gratitude Awards (2013):
you are invited to share this RSVP link with ONE NEW lady and so long as she RSVPs by Monday, March 14th, she will be included in the festivities :)

Please mark your calendars and let's make a toast to fabulous women!

~ For Fabulous Women, By Fabulous Women ~

Join us for the second annual Gratitude Summit ladies-only party/event!

Join us for this All-Day garden affair: (program below 10:00am - 4:00pm):
kindly only attend if you can be there for the full day.

On Sunday April 3rd, come to my place in Sherman Oaks for a wonderful event with fabulous women like you, healthy food provided by our main sponsor, Whole Foods.

If you have a daughter or granddaughter who is older than 6, you are welcome to bring her if you think she will enjoy the day.

Other than that, please note:
-No kids
-No men (..other than our amazing sponsors)
-No outside guests

When: Sunday April 3rd (all day and well into the evening 10:00am - 4:00pm) ~

DRESS-CODE: please keep in our event's tradition to wear casual, comfy, or dressy as you like..pants or dresses or short...whatever makes you long as it's...ALLLLL-WHITE :)

Shoes: COMFY FLAT shoes recommended as we will be in the garden for the most part, which is covered in pebbles and wood chips, so it would be hard for you to walk in heels ~ i.e. best NO heels, flip flops & flat shoes best really.

A special note about my SHOE-FREE-House - I just had the floors completely re-done inside the house, and the house is now a Shoe-Free-House. Please bring socks if you are uncomfortable walking around bare-foot. I am also happy to provide house slippers :)

Aside from wearing all white again, please bring:
~ ONE ORANGE ACCESSORY, that you are willing to part with (if you buy it, keep it to $5-$15..a scarf, a flower, a hair piece...something that speaks to you - all shades of orange welcomed)

~a $20 bill that will be donated to the 501©3's that will benefit from this event (this is a 100% tax deductible donation, no charge for the event) :-)

Sunday, April 3rd program for the Gratitude Summit: Women Honoring Women

10:00am - 11:00am check in and arrivals

11:00a onwards ~ the fabulousness begins:
~ including...
~ networking & socializing with other women, amazing & powerful like you!
~ garden lunch
~ master mind sessions
~ a surprise speaker designed to directly impact the quality of your personal lives
~ followed by some cool inspiration
~ more networking & socializing
~ and even an obstable dissolving ceremony
~ the expansion of the Gratitude Wall (bring AT LEAST 75 business cards!! ...and flyer for your shows, events, etc)
~ the creation of a powerful new intention
...and a small swag bag of special goodies from Whole Foods you get to take home with you.
We will wrap by 4:00pm

BTW, the reason this is a closed 'by-invitation-only' event/party, is because:

A) the number of swag bags that have been ordered for you with personalized goodies, and

B) because of the chairs/space/comfort level
(..yes, I considered hosting this at a fancy/bigger venue, but after consideration, I've decided to keep it to about 50-75 women so we can have it my house, and keep it personal, yet ensuring all the women in attendance meet other women who can help bring visibility, growth and expansion to each other's businesses...thus enriching our quality of life). If you have a friend/colleague whom you think would be an absolute 'must-attend' addition to this event, please email me directly first before sharing this RSVP link with them

This Gratitude Summit: Women Honoring Women is a party/event for fabulous women, By fabulous women ~ Giving you value for your business, expanding your reach, and fun for your soul.

So put this in your calendar now and, if you can come, RSVP below now (by 3/14, please) ~ private address to follow as we get closer to the date.
No need to RSVP if you are unable to attend. If you do not RSVP by 3/14, I'll understand you cannot join us this year and I will open the invitation to the ladies on the wait-list.

You will be celebrated!! Sunday, April 3rd ~ a full day to celebrate & honor YOU!! ...plan on the whole day (until 4pm): you will be celebrated!!

In partnership,

Pina De Rosa, M.C.Ht. I +1-310-625-7462 I Twitter @graceandpassion I Instagram @SOCHugAPup I
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