Mission Trip 2019 - Honduras
We are happy that you are discerning participating in this mission trip!
Please fill out the following application to apply to participate.
You'll be contacted by the mission coordinator, Cecilia Flores, for further information. Thank you!


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Please note - you MUST be 18 years of age or older to participate.
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Where do you currently attend school? *
If you do not currently attend one of the institutions listed below, are not in school, or are an alumni/young adult, please select "OTHER" and specify.
Where do you currently live out Catholic-Christian community? Describe the community, your involvement, and how it helps you to deepen your relationship with God and neighbor. *
To go on mission means to be SENT, so in this context we believe we are being sent out by our Catholic community to proclaim the good news. Thus, it is VITAL that you be an active participant in a Catholic community - either a Newman Center, Catholic movement, young adult group, or other faith community. Those who are not a part of a Newman community will be asked to provide references.
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Describe your relationship with God, specifically your prayer life. *
We will participate in about 3½ hours of prayer daily (including the Mass). All missionaries that serve with us are expected to participate in all aspects of the mission’s prayer-life.
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Do you have any health issues or physical limitations that may make serving on this mission difficult? *
These missions are physically (and at times emotionally) taxing. If you have health problems, it is important to incorporate this into both your personal discernment, as well as our discernment as a mission team. Be assured that this does NOT automatically disqualify you from participation but is something that is incorporated into discernment.
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Why would you like to participate in this mission? What do you hope to gain through participating? *
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References: Please provide the contact information (name, email, phone number, organization/role) for TWO (2) people who can speak to your involvement in Christian community and your faith life. *
If you are NOT currently active in a Catholic community, please still apply! We will help find you ways to get connected to a community that is a good fit for you.
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Do you have any questions for us? *
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