Open Arms Team Survey
This survey was designed by Ujamaa Solutions LLC to help Open Arms Personal Care Inc. improve its employee experience and increase overall productivity. Please prepare to invest 10-15 minutes to thoroughly complete this survey.

Your answers are confidential. We value your time and feedback. Thank you.

Using the scale below, please give us your thoughts on the following statements:
Open Arms' principles/values, purpose, vision, and long-term goals have been clearly explained. to me. *
My work is directly connected to the organization’s goals. *
I feel that changes are communicated to me clearly. *
There is a system in place for me to provide feedback to management. *
Upper management understands the work-related issues that are important to me. *
If I have a problem, I can talk to my supervisor about it in a timely manner. *
My supervisor keeps me informed on a regular basis. *
The information that I receive is often out of date. *
Communication between my supervisor and me lacks openness. *
If you were a manager, how would you improve communications at Open Arms? *
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Development and Support
Please answer the following with a Yes or No.
My work is challenging. *
I am stimulated by the work I do. *
I have a mentor at work. *
I have access to the information I need to do my job. *
I’m afraid of the consequences of making mistakes. *
I receive feedback on how to do my job better. *
The feedback I receive is helpful. *
If I want a promotion, there are opportunities for me at Open Arms. *
My supervisor is interested in my development. *
Training is available if I need it. *
My performance evaluations are constructive. *
I’m encouraged to set personal work-related goals. *
There is regular follow-up on these goals. *
I know that my work is appreciated. *
Resources are inadequate to perform my job well. *
My workplace is safe. *
Information technology is adequate to do my job. *
When was the last time you received praise and recognition for a job well done? *
Workplace Satisfaction Driver *
Which of the following do you think or feel would most contribute to your workplace satisfaction?
I am satisfied with the following at Open Arms. *
Not sure
Goal Setting
Job Design
Constructive Feedback
Access to Resources
Please give us your thoughts on the following statements.
I’m forced to choose between work and family on a regular basis. *
The promotion process is fair. *
There is favoritism in promotions and raises. *
I receive fair treatment in the organization. *
Everyone receives fair treatment in the organization. *
The pace of work is appropriate. *
The volume of work is appropriate. *
I am NOT under unusual stress from my job. *
This organization discourages people with different ideas. *
This workplace is diverse. *
I fear negative consequences if I express disagreement or disapproval. *
People seek my opinions at Open Arms. *
My opinions are valued at Open Arms. *
Everyone’s opinions are valued at Open Arms. *
I trust Open Arms. *
I trust my managers. *
This workplace is respectful. *
I experience negative effects of office politics. *
Open Arms' culture negatively impacts your ability to do your work. *
Open Arms' culture differs from the overall Personal Care culture. *
Team Culture Differentiation *
Please explain why you chose the answer above.
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Organization Culture *
Using one word, how would you describe our organization’s culture?
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Recommended Culture Changes *
What changes would we have to make for you to recommend that your best friend work here?
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My pay is fair for the work I do.
My pay is competitive. *
Which Pay/Work/Life Balance choice is the most attractive? *
Which Pay/Incentives choice is the most attractive? *
Do you find the following satisfactory? *
Not sure
Base Pay
Changes You'll Make *
If you were head of your department (or team), what is the first change you would make to improve satisfaction?
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How likely are you to recommend Open Arms to your social network? *
Not likely to recommend
Extremely likely to recommend
Why did you rate the way you did above? *
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If you have any additional comments, please add them here. Remember, your information will be anonymous.
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