Saudi Society for Medical Education (SSME) Membership form
Membership form of the SSME
1. Full Name
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2. Title
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3. Highest qualification/s (and University). If you are a student specify the course being pursued and the university.
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4 A. Do you have any qualification/certification in the field of medical education/health professions education? If YES, please go to section 4B to specify, else go directly to section 5
4 B. Continued from section 4 A, if YES please specify your medical education / health professions education qualification/s
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5. Current Affiliation
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6. Mobile number
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7. Email address
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8 A. Interest areas: Please tick the appropriate option/s.Please specify "Others" in section 8 B *
Curriculum design and development
Faculty development
Academic guidance
Others ( please go to section 8B to specify)
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8B. Continued from section 8A, please specify your interest area/s
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9. What are you expectations from the society (SSME)?
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