PLT #3 Community Co-op Survey
In order to get a better understanding of the community perspective on co-op activities for PLT #3, we ask that you please respond to these survey questions. Results will be shared at the PLT #3 Community Co-op meeting in April. Thank you for your participation.
I am a resident of the following community:
I currently have students in the following schools:
I believe the co-op increases our teams chances of being successful.
I believe the level of competition for PLT #3 students increases due to the co-op.
I believe the co-op has helped establish friendships between PLT #3 students and Erie students.
I would like to continue the E/P Co-op.
I enjoy attending E/P Co-op activities with Erie community members.
I believe we should co-op all sports.
I believe PLT #3 students would be just as successful in sports without the co-op.
My overall experience with the E/P Co-op has been positive.
What other extracurricular activities would you like to see as a co-op between PLT #3 and Erie?
I would be interested in a co-op to share academic programs.
What academic programs would you be interested in as a co-op between PLT #3 and Erie?
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