Register for Second All Villages Town Meeting!

Building on the amazing conversation at of our first All Villages Town Meeting on October 29th, the Game of Village invites you to join a Second All Villages Town Meeting planned for Friday December 4, 2020 at 8pm Eastern time.

Building off a great discussion of peeps and play and what Village meant, we'll delve into ways that Village might need to be updated for the current world.
* What is the relevance of #BLM #BlackLivesMatter to the world of peeps?
* How should we approach cross-racial or cross-ethnic peep identities and play?
* What should we make of the overlaps between Village's 'homesteading' model and settler colonialism?
* What are sustainable ways to inhabit land and grow communities?
* How can the Game of Village help us understand the living earth?
* What can Village teach us about the future of democracy?
* How can peeps help us decolonize the world and find better ways to live with one another?

Please RSVP below.

And feel free to forward this note to anyone you played Village with and encourage them to join!
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