#3- BMMS Math(Black)Team HW (Due Oct 5)
Input format note
1. For faction, please use "n/m" format without any space in your answer
2. Please keep square root in your answer and use "n sqrt(m)" format with a space in between "n" and "sqrt"
3. For PI, please use "n pi" format with space in between "n" and "pi"
4. For mixed number, please use this format "n(a/b)" on your answer
5. For large number, no comma should be used. For example, please write "10000" instead of "10,000"
6. For decimal number, please follow rounding instruction.
7. For exponents use the '^' (shift-6). For example, 5 times (n-squared) is 5n^2.
Do not leave space between the 5 and the n.
8. For scientific notation, use 'x' for times and '^' for the exponent; do not use spaces as separators. For example 5.6x10^4."
9. For algebraic fractions, put the numerator and denominator in parentheses, and do not leave spaces.
Also, put letters in alphabetical order for each individual expression.
For example, (2x^2y+3x^4-9y)/(10z^3+5xz).
10. For algebraic expressions, follow the order of terms from the original question.
11. For answers requiring a pair or triplet, do not put spaces. For example, (2,-4,5).
12. No additional text (such as degree, percent, year) are needed in the answer. You should only input number

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