21-Day Power of Healthy Challenge
I'm excited to have you join us for the challenge! This was created for people who are exploring the potential of essential oils and oil-infused products for health + wellness solutions and are committed to reclaiming their health in 2021!

The 21-Day Challenge is a transformative, HABIT-FOCUSED challenge meant to help you change your health and outlook in 2021. Our goal is to educate and empower you to incrementally build healthy habits and create the daily routine of your dreams. Simply put...it's Nutrition Made Easy!

Every product for this challenge uses clean, natural ingredients and innovative science to deliver micro- and macronutrients as if they were fresh off the vine, root, or tree. With scientifically supported ingredients, these products can and should be combined with a healthy diet to help support your immune system, energy levels, and digestive system.

If you are an avid label reader like me, then you'll love these product stats:
**Free from GMOs, Soy, Gluten, RBST Hormone, Added Sugars, and Synthetic Ingredients
**Complete protein options with 22g in each serving (Vegan option can be purchased individually!)
**Whey protein comes from HAPPY, pasture-fed cows
**Whole food, low-carb, plant-based fiber
**Whole food greens, fruit + raw superfoods blend

For a limited time, we’re offering these amazing new products in special discounted bundles for new customers and existing members. Save an additional 20% below wholesale until January 10th, and 10% below wholesale until January 31, 2021. Once you submit your application, you will receive a personalized shopping link on the confirmation page.

"We don't rise to the level of our expectations, we fall to the level of our training." ~Archilochus

It's time to upgrade your health + build a solid foundation!

But first, let's answer some FAQs and gather some basic information to get you started.
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What To Expect:
You will be engaged with a health-mined community to be empowered and take your habit training to the next level! Adding in positive changes works WAY better than taking away things and you will start to crowd out habits that aren’t supporting the life you want to live. We will also be leveraging habit stacking to help get you there faster by anchoring a new habit onto an existing one. I so need this!

PLUS you'll get access to our exclusive Facebook group, daily text reminders, challenge ebook + additional recipes ebook, community support, giveaways, continuing education, and a free 30-min personalized wellness consult.

I'm big on a personalized approach to care, so after you start the challenge, we will book your free 30-min personal consultation to go over your needs/goals and help you create a personal wellness plan to take you beyond the 21-day challenge.
When Does It Start?
The challenge starts on February 1, 2021. It will be hosted on Facebook, and you will also get daily text reminders.
How Can I Get Ready For It?
Prepare for the 21-Day Challenge in just three easy steps!

1. Submit this application form, ideally by Sunday, January 10th but we're accepting applications through Jan 22nd.
2. Get Your Products! Stay on the confirmation page after submitting your form as you will be redirected to a personal checkout. Order your Foundational Habits kit at the best deal - save 20% until Jan 10th OR save 10% if purchased by Jan 22nd.
3. Invite a friend to join you! Challenges are always better with a buddy whether it be a spouse, friend, or co-worker - the more, the merrier!
What's Included?
Foundational Healthy Habits Kit:
--Chocolate Whey Protein sweetened with stevia and monk fruit to help you satisfy hunger and reach your goals (20 servings)
--Fiber to help control appetite and optimize blood sugar levels (30 servings)
--Greens to support immune + digestive health and fight free radicals (30 servings)
--Time-released probiotic/prebiotic to support immune/gut/brain connection (30 day supply)
--Whole-food enzymes that help with digestion, repair, and energy conversion (30 day supply)
--Whole-food based supplements for stress management, energy, immune function, hair, skin, eye, nail health, mental fatigue, pain and inflammation support, and more (30-day supply)
--5 essential oils for sleep, stress, immune function, cleansing, healthy cells, and more!
--Soothing essential oil-infused muscle rub
For a limited time, we’re offering these amazing new products in special discounted bundles for new customers and existing members. Save an additional 20% below wholesale until January 10th ($225 wholesale + shipping/tax), and 10% below wholesale until January 31, 2021 ($255 wholesale + shipping/tax). Once you submit your application, you will receive a custom shopping link on the confirmation page.  Copy the link + paste it into a text to yourself before clicking in case you can't get back to the confirmation page.
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Vegan options can be purchased individually once at checkout.
Be sure to stay on the confirmation page and click the link to purchase your kit! If you lose the link, check your email and message me at support@coveredbeloved.com
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