California Novice Tournament 2020 Registration
Thank you for your interest in the 2020 California Novice quizbowl tournament! Use this form to register, or email for any questions.
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Number of Intended Teams *
Give your best estimate now, and please contact us if the number of teams you intend to send changes.
Tentative Rosters
If you know what players will be on each team, list them here. Again, please contact us if those rosters change. Include names as well as grade levels for all players!
Contact Information
Please provide a name and reliable email address for one person affiliated with each team to receive tournament logistics information and to be a day-of contact.

If the day-of contact is a player, please also provide contact information for a responsible adult for the team. If you are affiliated with a school team or club, please provide a school contact (i.e. the supervising teacher or advisor); if not, please provide contact information for a parent or guardian.
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If the day-of contact is a player, please provide the same information for an adult affiliated with the team.
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