Economic Development and Institutions: RCT Pre-Proposal Form
Please submit this form as a required step in response to the Request For Applications (RFA): "Randomized Controlled Trials to Evaluate Strategies to Enhance the Effectiveness of Public Institutions in Developing Countries" from the Economic Development and Institutions (EDI) program (see more at

Submissions of this pre-proposal should be received by October 17th, 2017 if you plan to submit a proposal to EDI RCT grant-making due November 15th 2017.

Pre-proposal forms will be used to support the organization of the proposal review process by providing EDI an indication of the quantity and subject matter of forthcoming pilot and full-scale funding applications. In rare circumstances, EDI may seek clarification from applicants submitting pre-proposal forms on potential inappropriate alignment with topical or geographic focus areas, and/or research experience. However, applicants should not wait for feedback and should proceed directly with preparing their full application materials by the final submission deadline.

If you have questions, you may reach out to
Identification of Research Team
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Research Proposal Basics
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Please refer to the Geographical Focus section of the RFA to understand the expectations from DFID
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Please refer to the detailed Proposal Guidelines in the RFA to determine the best fit for your proposed research
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(Only 1-3 sentences, MAXIMUM please. This should simply provide us with an indication of what you're planning
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