IACP Season 1 Playtesting Survey
Thanks for participating in our project! Your thoughts will help the project produce Skirmish content that will help keep the game fun, fresh and worthy of our time.

Each time you playtest the suggested changes to the rules and Command and Deployment cards, come back to this form and record your results. It could be just one game, or several games over the course of a day.

Your email address will never be shared with anyone outside of the Skirmish Committee. The Committee collects your email in order to have a way to contact you for further questions.

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In what manner did you playtest this time?
It could be you're part of an IACP Online Event. You could be just playing pick-up games online. Or you could be part of a group of players who are playing together in the same physical location. Let us know how and where you did it.
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