Charter of Demands by Ordinary Citizens of Pakistan

In the wake of the horrific attack on Peshawar Army Public School and College, which is yet another tragic incident in a series of many other terrorist attacks in the past eleven years on our home soil, Pakistan, which has resulted in the loss of life of more than 50,000 innocent Pakistanis, including men, women and children from every section of society; we the civil society of Pakistan, which is not affiliated, nor has any association whatsoever with any specific state institution, sect or religion, media group, security agency, political party, local or international non-governmental organization, but is a collective of law-abiding ordinary citizens of Pakistan, who for the furtherance of enforcement of the Constitution of Pakistan 1973, effective implementation of the writ of State and the protection of the citizens of Pakistan, put forth the following demands for immediate consideration and action by all concerned authorities and stakeholders:

1. That the FIR No 569/14, registered by the ordinary citizens of Pakistan, against the Shuhada Foundation for criminal intimidation and threatening grievous bodily harm to peaceful protestors is acted upon in full letter and spirit by Islamabad Police in accordance with law.

2. That the state should ensure that leaders of all communities, especially those most affected by terrorism on a regular basis should be made an integral part of any process related to developing any national counter-terrorism measures / policies of Pakistan. Furthermore, all State institutions, political parties and religious councils / bodies, must adopt a policy of zero tolerance towards any terrorist elements/ groups and individuals that identify with such elements, and immediately purge such persons from within their ranks, relieve them of their offices, if any, and if applicable, take legal action against them.

3. That the Government immediately ensure strict compliance of all electronic media outlets with the Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA) Code of Conduct, ensuring that no terrorist outfit or their supporters and apologists be given any airtime. Similar regulatory mechanisms should be made effective immediately for print media through concerned authorities. The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) should be notified on urgent basis to start tracking all websites, Social media profiles, forums, and any other virtual / digital presence which promotes religious extremism and hatred; and immediately act for the barring / banning of the same.

4. That the state, in coordination with ITMD and other religious councils monitor all sermons delivered in mosques / madrassas throughout Pakistan, and adopt a policy of zero tolerance to any kind of hate speech/ incitement or promotion of extremist ideologies; taking legal action under applicable provisions of PPC and anti-terrorism laws where necessary. Furthermore, we demand from the interior ministry to fast-track its on-going efforts for madrassa reforms.

5. In memory of the fallen students and teachers of the Army Public School and College, Peshawar, all ghost schools across Pakistan be reopened. Ghost-teachers must be penalized or legally forced to perform their duties. All standards of quality as set out by state authorities must be maintained. Article 25-A of the constitution of Pakistan (The right to education) must be implemented in letter and spirit.

As concerned citizens we pledge our support to all stakeholders including the Government of Pakistan, for the implementation of our demands.
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