Housing & Social Care Professionals Data Skills Survey
The DataKirk Housing Analytics training is aiming to create conditions for housing, homeless and social care professionals to develop the skills and abilities to analyse and share data as actionable information and insight.

Help shape the future of housing data analytics by completing our 10-minute Data Skills Survey.

Your feedback will help us define the data skills needs of Housing, Homeless and Social Care Professionals and how they are currently being served.

All responses will be treated in confidence and will be aggregated anonymously

This survey will close at the end of day Friday, 26 February 2021, thank you for participating.
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1. The Data Skills Specialism are targeted at Housing & Homeless professionals and Social Care employees to help learn about Housing Analytics and how to use data in conversations with the business. Please select your current data skills level or desire. *
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Fundamental of Housing Analytics
Tenant Insights
Managing & Analysing Data with Excel & Power BI
Data Science for Housing
Using Statistics in Housing
Applying Text Analytics to Housing Data
How to Use Python to Automate Housing Charter Reporting
Analysing and Interpreting Housing Dashboard Data
2. Please help us to inform our training and development programme. Please tell us what data upsklilling training you would want us to provide by ticking the relevant box: *
3. What other data upskilling training or development support do you need? *
4. What else can the DataKirk do to help you get the data skills support you need? *
5. Would you like us to contact you to discuss what data upskilling support we are able to offer you and your employer? *
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