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Thank you for choosing to sponsor a family! This is a week to week program. You can purchase as many weeks as you would like. Below please enter all the required information for the FAMILY BEING SPONSORED.
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Below, Please Select the items you you like to see in your Rebel Box. If you absolutely do not wish to receive an item please select the appropriate box. If you don't see an item on the list please manually input and I will look into growing that item in the future.
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Farming is heavily dependent on several factors such as weather, pest and plant disease so delivery times, dates and available products may and will vary from week to week. Deliveries will be scheduled for Saturdays. If we are unable to deliver on the scheduled day, notifications will be sent out with an alternate delivery day. If you are unable to receive your package or are unhappy with our product you are under no obligation to continue the service. Just please inform us of your decision. A weekly order form will be sent out for each individual to customize what they would like in their Rebel Box. If you have any allergies related to the products please do not pick them to be part of your delivery. Please inform of any food related allergies so we can eliminate, to the best of our ability, any allergens from getting in contact with your food and package.
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