2019-2020 Student Elective
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Band 3 - Jazz Band course for experienced band students, which includes community concert displays.

Band 2 - Advanced Band course for 2nd and 3rd year band students, which includes community concert displays.

Beginning Band - Beginning Band course focused on reading music, exploring instruments, and growing a love for fine arts.

Drama Theater - Fine arts exploration through dramatic production displays involving memorizing lines, acting on cue, incorporating props, costumes, audio systems, and lighting all for public audiences.

2D Art - Foundational fine arts production of pieces at the 2-dimentional level.

Chorus - Fine arts displays through vocal exploration, genre appreciation, and group dynamics.

Student Aide - Students support younger aged children through small group activities, individual tutoring, or in office staff support roles.

Agriculture Associates (Industry Certification) - H.S. Industry Certification in the multi-faceted agriculture field. Students are immersed in expanding their content knowledge through both research study and hands-on application opportunity on our Alva Farm.

STEM - Science, technology, engineering, and mathematics project based course work helps students grow in expanding their inquiry skill set.

Yearbook - Students create our school yearbook from design, to photography, to layouts, to marketing ads, and sales.

Digital Art - Students explore fine arts through the camera lens. Students will learn proper techniques for taking pictures, using lighting, captures objects in motion, and editing images.

Microsoft Bundle (Industry Certification) - H.S. Industry Certification in the focus areas of Microsoft Word, Microsoft Power Point, and Microsoft Excel.

Coding (Certificate Earned) - Students will be engaged in breaking down computer input and output to code. Students will then create their own code applications.

IC3 Spark (Certificate Earned) - Students will learn basic computer fundamentals for various computer programs and applications.

Peer Counseling (6th Grade Health/Advisement) - Students will explore 6th grade Health Standards along with develop positive study habits.

Lee Virtual Courses ***See descriptions below***
*Keyboarding Middle School earning elective focused on basic keyboarding (typing) fundamentals.
*Hope H.S. earning course focused healthy habits, goal setting, and physical fitness.
*Outdoor Ed. H.S. earning course focused on outdoor hobbies and experiences. Students will earn fishing license, etc. through this course.
*ML Spanish Middle School earning elective focused on foundational Spanish understanding.
*H.S. Spanish H.S. earning course focused on Level 1 Spanish from reading, to writing, to speaking.
*Career Planning Middle School earning elective focused on exploring interests, strengths, toward a pathway for future career options.

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