Psychology 20 - What's Your Personality Type?
Complete this assignment today for full credit. Late assignments will be penalized at 10 percent per day late (for example, an assignment that is two days late will have a maximum grade of 80, or B-). After 9 days the assignment is worth zero points.

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Important! - Make sure you complete Psychology 19 - Personality Type Explained before you complete this assignment.
What was the 4-Letter code that you predicted corresponded to your personality? (If you do not remember, ask Mr. Flamm what you entered for this question on Psychology 19 - Personality Type Explained.)
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Use the following link to take the Jung Typology Test. Take your time, and answer the questions accurately and carefully.
What is the 4-Letter code that corresponds to your type? (You must take the entire test to receive your code.)
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Use the following link, and click on the link for your personality type:
After clicking on your 4-Letter Code on the above link, use the information related to your personality type to briefly answer the following questions:
What is the nickname of your personality type? (It will be something like "The Provider," or "The Inspector.")
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Scroll down to the "What are XYZQ's like?" section, and watch the video about your personality type.
Copy or summarize one characteristic about your personality type from the first 1:30 of the video, that you believe most applies to you:
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Based on the rest of the video, how well do you believe it describes your personality?
This is not like me at all.
This is exactly like me.
Based on the video, what types of careers would be a good match for someone with your personality type?
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What would you say are the core values of your personality type?
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What is one interesting fact about people who share your personality type? (Scroll down on your personality type page).
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