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Black lives matter --- everywhere --- including in our research environments and workplaces. However, the evidence demonstrates that the Fermilab community has not valued the lives, the work, and the imaginations of Black people for many years. We have a responsibility and an opportunity to help build a better community at Fermilab for everyone. Black physicists at Fermilab are calling for our entire community to take immediate action to value Black lives.

Accepting the responsibility of leadership on this matter, Black physicists have developed a set of calls to action, which you will find in the attached document.  This document is not aspirational. This document presents real solutions to address the significant challenges facing Black people at Fermilab. The calls to action described here are the minimum scale of investment for making real change.

As of August 15, 2020, after many conversations with laboratory management, they have agreed that the seven major items should be addressed in a deep and fundamental manner. Further, we expect the community to undertake a solutions-based approach in working for the implementation of the specific calls to action, which are well-documented and deeply researched solutions for each of the seven major items.

As a member of Fermilab's scientific community, you are invited to stand with us by adding your name as a supporter of these calls to action (in which case your name will go on the document, the website, and the form). By signing onto the document, you are affirming that:

1. Each of the seven major items should be addressed in a deep and fundamental manner.
2. The solutions recommended by the document represent the scale of change that is needed.
3. The laboratory must work with the community to achieve this change.
4. The calls to action would be truly transformative, and the laboratory should pursue a course of action that will achieve such change.

We are seeking support from all members of the physics community. For Fermilab employees and users, you are showing support as direct stakeholders within the entire Fermilab community. For those who are neither users nor employees of Fermilab, by signing, you are showing support for changing physics - now.

The calls for action and researched solutions in the Change Now document are intended to serve in the design and implementation of change at institutions throughout the physics community.

Your vocal support will illuminate --- for the Fermilab community and institution --- that we are united in valuing Black lives. This document, along with the list of signatures, will be publicly posted and sent to the Fermilab directorate.

Black people are intersectional in their identities and are a part of many communities. We are not monolithic in our needs or beliefs. Furthermore, as Black scientists, the authors of this document only speak to their needs and from their perspectives. Black engineers, technicians, and non-technical staff may have other ideas and perspectives that must also be heard.

Fermilab was founded near the end of the mid-century Civil Rights Movement. The founders made a point of standing and acting in that moment. With your support, we can stand together and continue the work to put Fermilab at the forefront of recruitment, representation, and retention of Black scientists.

on behalf of the Change - Now Team
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This is the collective work of these authors equally (in alphabetical order),
Doug Berry, Associate Scientist
Jessica Esquivel, Research Associate
Brian Nord, Associate Scientist
Bryan Ramson, Research Associate
Tammy Walton, Associate Scientist
Daniel Bowring, Scientist
Alex Drlica-Wagner, Associate Scientist
Bo Jayatilaka, Scientist
Michael Kirby, Scientist
Corrinne Mills, Associate Scientist/Assistant Professor
Jennifer Raaf, Senior Scientist
Erica Snider, Senior Scientist
Jason St. John, Applications Physicist

Dr. Lothar Bauerdick, Senior Scientist, Fermilab
Evan Niner, Applications Physicist
Marco Verzocchi, Senior Scientist
Angela  Fava, Scientist
Ryan Rivera, electrical engineer
Nhan Tran, Associate Scientist
Diego Lopez Gutierrez, Undergraduate intern
Nick Gnedin, Senior Scientist
Adam Watts, Engineering Physicist
Julian Badillo (app developer)
James K Santucci, Engineering Physicist
Anne Schukraft, Associate Scientist
Noah Kurinsky, Research Associate
Jeny Teheran, Computer Security Analyst
Kevin Pedro, Associate Scientist
Yuanyuan Zhang, Research Associate
Oliver Gutsche, Senior Scientist
Sam McDermott, postdoctoral associate (Schramm fellow)
Alex Himmel, Scientist
Brendan Kiburg, Associate Scientist
Bradford Benson, Scientist
James Hirschauer, Scientist
Steve Brice
Etta Johnson, Division Admin
James Annis, Senior Scientist
Arden Warner, Senior Eng.Physicist
Pete Cholewinski, Senior Compensation Analyst
Pedro Machado, Associate Scientist
Thomas Kroc - Applications Physicist III
Roni Harnik, Senior Scientist
Donovan Tooke, Accelerator Crew Chief
Kevin Kelly, Research Associate
Vivian O'Dell, Sr. Scientist
Alyssa R Miller, Engineering Physicist
Aria Soha, Engineering Physicist
Kirsty Duffy, Lederman Fellow
Eric Neilsen, Computational Physics Developer
Justine Dunn, Admin Asst V
Lauren Hsu, Dr.
Ryan Postel, Media Producer, Creative Services
Steve Nahn, Scientist
Mu Wei, Research Associate
Anne Norrick, PhD
Joshua Isaacson, Research Associate
Andres Quintero, Electrical Engineer
Kevin Burkett, Senior Scientist
Carolyn Johnson, Admin Support
Marguerite Tonjes, UIC Research Specialist
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We are also designing an action for seven days from now, on Monday August 24, during which we will organize to take next steps to create change in the physics community through shared leadership and decision-making, as well as anti-racist practices. The event will be designed to share and discuss tools and strategies to effect change, as well as an opportunity to take action.  We hope you will join us for this first Community Action Event.
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