Old Town Newhall Scavenger Hunt
Thank you for participating in the Old Town Newhall scavenger hunt. We hope you had a fun time and enjoyed learning about some of the different businesses and locations in Old Town Newhall. Please submit the answer for each riddle. The correct answers will be emailed to you after submission.
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1. A pile of words, jackets or hordes. Take a quick look in this house for a book. *
2. I am the world’s most popular game. They call me Fútbol, but you call me this name. *
3. I am Hawaiian and a type of bean. I’m something you drink that has lots of caffeine. *
4. I’m sometimes decorated using paint or with a pen. I can be eaten scrambled and I get laid by a hen. *
5. Comedy and drama appear on stage, check out our marquee to see how you can engage. *
6. I have branches but am not a tree, flags fly so high over me. *
7. Broadcasters deliver the news with flair, music and features appear ON AIR. *
8. Hungry for cupcakes, cookies and everything sweet? Head to our brick building for a quick treat. *
9. Stories of Ironman, Batman, X-men and Thor, line the walls of this colorful store. *
10. Feeling nostalgic or need something unique? We have soda pop, candies & toys that you seek. *
11. Look no further for delicious grub, in this rustic and inviting gastropub. *
12. This corner spot host’s private functions and is a great place to host your business luncheons. *
13. Buying and selling the listings they roam, helping your family build a forever home. *
14. Lotions and scrubs will nourish your skin, bath bombs and lip balms will make you grin. *
15. The City’s Western heritage is on display, as you explore this museum and park today. *
16. They know how to start a fire and tie knots. When they go camping they sleep on cots. *
17. Always available to take your auto or property claim, keeping you financially protected is the aim. *
18. Using your hands to sculpt and mold, finished products are a sight to behold. *
19. Even though it comes in a can this is something you shouldn’t eat. Instead you add it to the walls to make a room look really neat. *
20. Looking for a new or classic sound, we sell this object whose shape spins round and round. *
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