The Vera Project's Membership Application 2019
Members of The Vera Project are leaders in governing our shared space and programming in collaboration with Vera’s Board of Directors. Members play an integral role in creating and reviewing programs, raising money, promoting events, and making many of the decisions that determine Vera’s future. As a Member you run the show (collaboratively speaking, of course).

Member Rights and Responsibilities (and benefits!):

1) The right to shape the programs and space within the organization
2) The responsibility of safeguarding our mission and being a representative of our values and principles
3) The opportunity to be a part of planning and producing Vera’s programs
4) The opportunity to learn the ins and outs of a nonprofit organization as well as the music and arts industries

Membership lasts until the end of each calendar year, at which point another application must be completed.
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To become an official member, you must perform twenty four (24) hours of volunteer service within the calendar year. Hours may be pledged upon the submission of this application.
Have you completed a volunteer application & attended a volunteer orientation with us?
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