Writers-in-Training 2018-19 Application
Thank you for your interest in the Writers-in-Training internship for 2018! Please fill out all questions below (word limit 400 words per prompt unless otherwise indicated). Additionally, please send two (2) writing samples and your most updated CV to intrainingwriters@gmail.com. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us (same address) and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Application due date is Feb. 15th, 2018 at midnight EST.

Each intern will work one-on-one with a mentor and are expected to publish at least 4 pieces over the year. Please see below for general descriptions of each internship position.

Poetry/Creative Writing: Writers will publish creative work in the style of their choosing, be it poetry, short stories, or nonfictional narratives.
Health Policy: Writers will write and report on health policies of their choosing on the local, state, or federal level. These stories can pertain to recent changes in health policy, shed light and provide additional information on complicated policies, or elucidate how policy decisions directly impact patient access and experiences in healthcare.
Features: Writers will discuss individuals, communities, or organizations of their choosing (can be either patients or medical professionals).
Technology: Writers will report on any technological innovations, challenges, or ideas that impact medical care.
Medical Education: Writers will discuss topics of their choosing that relate to the strengths and shortcomings of medical education. They are encouraged to draw from personal experiences as well as provide observations of medical educational at a systemic level.

Please note that your internship experience will not be limited to your assigned position; these assignments simply ensure that a diversity of topics are featured on In-Training.

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