Flipping the Narrative: Voices Unheard, Stories Untold
GHHN Annual Conference: Call for Presenters
Our Conference will be held at the Bear Mountain Inn & Conference Center on Tuesday, September 25, 2018.

The voices and stories of those who fall outside the narrative of 'dead rich white men' are still not often heard at historic sites. We think it's time for that to change. A move to interpret historic sites and the collections within from a different perspective ensures that a more holistic version of our site's story is presented to visitors and our communities.

Additionally, the 2018 Annual Conference will debut a new and exciting conference format designed to help you engage at a more direct level. We will once again feature office hours opportunities with grant funding organizations as well as a lite breakfast, networking luncheon, full-day exhibit hall, the Awards for Excellence ceremony, and more!​

This year, we are looking for presentations that address how you have successfully flipped the narrative at your site. If you've found a way to tell the stories that haven't traditionally been told at your site, be that giving voice to individuals who have been marginalized or forgotten in history, or using the stories and experiences connected to your collections items to engage visitors in a new way - we want to learn all about it! We are especially interested to hear about:
- hands-on experiences
- immersive experiences
- public programming that increases community engagement

Presenters will receive a discounted registration rate of $45!

​Proposal Information - NEW FORMAT!
We will be adopting a Conference format this year called 'follow the speaker". The Conference will be divided into three blocks of speakers - which will be presented to all Conference attendees. In each block, speakers will have 15 minutes to present (think Tedx talk!). At the conclusion of the block, all the speakers from that block will go to a separate space where interested participants can come to sit and chat with presenters to ask their questions directly and engage in conversation for up to 45 minutes. The "follow the speaker" format allows for participants to choose if they'd like to hear more about your presentation, and fosters a deeper conversation.

- This format only allows for single-person presentations

- Presentations are 15 minutes to all conference attendees, followed by mandatory 'follow' sessions of 45 minutes

- A/V is available for the 15 minute presentation ONLY - if your presentation is accepted, you will need to supply GHHN with a copy of your presentation no later than September 18, 2018

- Discussion for all sessions should include successes, challenges, and/or lessons learned

Session Proposal Deadline is 5 PM on Friday, August 3, 2018!


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