Collaborative Partner Course Proposal Form
Thank you for your interest in teaching a class/program through Parkway-Rockwood Community Ed. Complete the fields below regarding your proposed class/program. All proposals will be reviewed to determine feasibility. This includes reviewing the proposed class/program subject, location/dates/times, matching proposals against current needs and other factors. There is no guarantee all proposals will be approved.

Sessions and Timeline:
We run four sessions for youth and adults classes/programs throughout the school year and a session in the summer. We plan our sessions many months in advance. Below is the timeline of the sessions, as well as when we are in the planning period and are looking at proposals more frequently. If you submit a proposal after the planning period, the proposal will be reviewed for the next planning period. There is no guarantee all proposals will be approved. Please allow 2-4 weeks for review of a submitted proposal and a response from us.

-Fall 2020 Session 1: programs start September 2020 (Planing period is March-May 2020)
-Fall 2020 Session 2: programs start October/November 2020 (Planning period is March-May 2020)
-Winter Session 3: programs start January 2021 (Planning period is August-October 2020)
-Spring Session 4: programs start March 2021 (Planning period is August-October 2020)
-Summer Session: programs start June 2021 (Planning period is October-December 2020)

For more information, contact Parkway-Rockwood Community Ed at or 636-891-6644.
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