What is the name of the fish?
The fish of the Red Sea only have one scientific name - but common names may vary depending on where you learn of them - this may depend on the book you look in, the instructor you have talked to - or where you met the fish the first time, as some are not only found in the Red Sea but also found in the Pacific or Atlantic.

There is no "correct" common name.
We assume that most people know the fish by the name given by some of the popular books, Fishbase or guides.
If you are uncertain of one of the fish below, then feel free to look it up in the way that you normally would do. Use the book, the slides, or other resource that you normally use to find the name of the fish.

With this questionnaire we are trying to find out what the most used common name is in English for 10 fish commonly found in the Red Sea.

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Taeniura lymma
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Papilloculiceps longiceps
Captionless Image
Pterois miles
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Lethrinus mahsena
Captionless Image
Chlorurus sordidus
Captionless Image
Naso elegans
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Chaetodon fasciatus
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Siganus luridus
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Ctenochaetus striatus
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Zebrasoma desjardinii
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Pseudanthias squamipinnis
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